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Technology sector volatility. New ‘Lean and Agile’ white paper.
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Technology sector volatility. New ‘Lean and Agile’ white paper.
1. Accenture, “Harnessing Disruption: How Science and Technology Companies Endure,” 2013, p. 3.
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“While companies in most industries operate in uncertain environments, technology companies operate in ambiguous environments.” 1
Tech industry supply chains are significantly more global than in many other industries. They are often more complex and fragile – and so subject to greater risk. The tech industry’s expansion into emerging markets compounds the challenge. Lack of demand history makes planning difficult; variability and sparse infrastructure challenges normally fast-flowing supply chains.

This white paper, developed in collaboration with industry author Lisa Harrington, examines how ambitious tech companies are embracing innovative strategic supply chain partnerships with Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) models to reduce cost and improve control, visibility and resilience. 

We hope you enjoy reading the white paper.